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Sheri Brockett RN, Certified Medical Intuitive 


Guided Connection Consulting 

An Alternative Healing Arts Practice

We encounter a lot on a daily basis. Every interaction,decision, belief, emotion, or thought has the potential to stick around in areas of our physical and energetic bodies. As humans, we aren't always good about releasing these, and may not be aware of them. These stuck beliefs, decisions, emotions, and thoughts have potential to create imbalances or blocks in our energetic and physical bodies. These imbalances or blocks have potential to manifest as disease or illness. 

As a certified medical intuitive, I work in connection with your Higher Self to see these blocks and imbalances as well as potential root causes. I also  see possible ways of releasing the blocks and imbalances so you are able move along your path to wellness and wholeness.  Our true nature is Love, Joy, and Health!

My mission and intention is to help you on your path to your true nature! 

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